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5 Interesting Facts About My Canadian Pharmacy

February 10th, 2017

My Canadian Pharmacy is an online pharmacy service that offers high quality generic and branded to customers all over the world. With the main focus of the company being the region of North America, My Canadian Pharmacy is one of the most renowned online drug stores in the Western World. The company often brags about its high level of service and low prices, but some people are doubtful about such corporate claims. So what is true about My Canadian Pharmacy?

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1. Why Are Prices So Low?

Many customers are concerned with the fact that products at My Canadian Pharmacy online service cost so little. It seems unreasonable that drugs like Viagra or Cialis may cost as little as 1$ per pill. However, there is no fraud or scam in My Canadian Pharmacy’s pricing model. Here are some reasons why the prices are low:

  • Generic products are manufactured by offshore pharmaceutical companies that can offer us better prices due to having less marketing, administrative, and operational expenses. Generic drugs are cheaper. We obviously check every single shipment of products and examine them in a laboratory.
  • A large turnover. Catering to a wide audience worldwide allows us to keep up the numbers and turnover lots of goods regularly. This allows us to make profit while adding tiny interest to each purchase made by our customers.
  • We are trying to be competitive and offer our customers the lowest prices possible in order to keep our competitors at bay. This is highly important for our business and we will always try to make our customers as happy as possible when it comes to getting good deals.

My Canadian Pharmacy (official web address http://www.mycanadianpharmacymall) is directly interested in keeping prices as low as possible. Additionally, working with reliable offshore partners helps in maintaining low prices while offering high quality replacements for overpriced branded versions of products like sildenafil (Viagra) or tadalafil (Cialis).

2. Earning Respect Since 2003

The most obvious reason for My Canadian Pharmacy’s success in the market is the continuity of its services. Having over 12 years of experience behind their backs, people in charge of the company know the intricacies and difficulties of e-Commerce inside and out. When My Canadian Pharmacy was founded in 2003, the company had several goals:

  1. Making its name known all over the world;
  2. Establishing the brand;
  3. Making at least some profit.

After a decade, the goals changed and now the corporate philosophy includes wider purposes:

  1. Giving access to life-changing drugs to a wider audience of patients;
  2. Create a competitive environment in the industry;
  3. Expand the online presence and ship goods all over the world.

The company changed over the course of last 14 years. This means that all this time the company has been earning respect from both partners and customers. Today, My Canadian Pharmacy is definitely one of the most reliable and respected companies in the market.

3. Working with Generic Products

Have you heard about generics? If you have been shocked by price labels on branded versions of Xanax or Viagra and tried to search for affordable alternatives, chances are high that you know about generics. Many people are still not aware of generic drugs and believe that Canadian Viagra is a fake placebo-type of a drug. However, this is not true. Instead of lining out benefits of generics, we want to simple provide you with several facts about these products. Facts that My Canadian Pharmacy relies on when it comes to business transparency.

  • Generic drugs are copies of original drugs and may contain slightly different types of inactive ingredients that do not affect the effect of the drug. For example, the main and only active ingredient of both Viagra and Generic Viagra is the notorious PDE5 inhibitor sildenafil.
  • Generic drugs usually have the same dosages as original drugs. However, generic drugs may have slightly different or altered dosing. This depends on the manufacturer.
  • Generic drugs are checked by local authorities and double checked in laboratories by MCP’s professionals. This way we ensure that our products are truly generic versions of original drugs and do not contain additional ingredients or undesirable components.

4. There Is a 100%-cashback guarantee

Sometimes people are not satisfied with the product and it is totally understandable. The vast majority of companies do not allow customers to complain openly or even return goods. However, Canadian Pharmacy tries to be as transparent and open with customers as possible and guarantees 100% money back, if you were not satisfied with the drugs. This is a very important part of relationships between a company and a customer. By allowing customers to complain and provide valuable feedback, the company ensures that the clients are truly loyal.

In order to receive your money back, you need to contact the customer support service and leave an official complain. Describe in details what exactly disappointed you in the drug. The specialists will process the complaint within several business days and reply immediately upon investigating your case. Easy!

5. My Canada Pharmacy Is One of the Safest Companies Out There!

My Canada Pharmacy emphasizes the importance of safety measures and tries to protect its customers from possible risks when it comes to sharing personal and financial data online. The company has several distinct safety policies that make business secure and safe.

  • Personal and financial data is heavily protected and stored in different places in order to avoid leakages. At the same time, every single person is asked whether processing of their personal information is allowed.
  • Our IT-department is man-handled and we have specialists that maintain our hardware and monitor server statuses 24/7. This way we are always protected from possible cyber-attacks and data leakages. We do not try to outsource our technological processes and always protect our clients’ data on our own.

The vast majority of customer service specialists at My Canadian Pharmacy are trained professionals and will process your personal information in accordance with strict corporate rules. We try to avoid automatic machine handled data processing to reduce the risks.

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