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Metabolism and Canadian Health Care Mall

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The thyroid regulates metabolism, growth and body temperature. The gallbladder stores bile and releases it to help with the emulsification of fat, assimilation of fat-soluble nutrients, normalcy of bowel movements and prevention of bacterial infections. The tonsils support the fighting of infections, drainage of toxins and transport of white blood cells between lymph nodes and bone marrow. Unfortunately, most allopathic medical doctors lack the information and nutritional tools to help a person’s body regenerate organs and restore their normal and healthy functions. Gallbladder, spleen, thyroid, uterus, ovary and prostate removals are not necessary when proper nutrition is implemented and no evidence of physical trauma is present.  metabolism

Organ removals lead to worsened states of malnutrition. The removal of a gallbladder with no transplantation of a replacement causes patients to insufficiently emulsify fats and poorly assimilate fat-soluble nutrients like Vitamins A, D, E, K and F. After a gallbladder is removed, what will prevent the rest of the body from deteriorating from systemic fat-soluble nutrient deficiencies? Patients must ask their medical doctors about this prior to gallbladder removal.

Before you decide to have an organ removed, research the potential long-term symptoms. If you are already missing an organ, your holistic health care practitioner will be able to provide you with the proper whole food concentrates to fill the anatomical and physiological gaps your surgeon created. My heart was ripped apart, but it eventually healed. In time, it even became strong again and my willingness to interact with the members of the opposite sex was fully restored. As Tennyson wrote, “It is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.’’ Emotionally, I experienced the blissful transcendence of love, survived the emotional pain of its loss and recovered with a humbled heart.

Physically, each one of our organs has the ability to heal, regenerate and become strong again. However, this only remains true if they are allowed to remain within our bodies. In order to keep our organs healthy enough so they never require removal, we must feed them early and feed them well. A holistic health care practitioner who implements whole food nutrition can support us to do so. It is my dream — a possible one — that we become collectively healthy so that we can sing Paul Young’s song, with slightly modified lyrics for our allopathic medical doctors:

“Every time you go away, please DON’T take a piece of me with you…”

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Canadian news: Deciphering asthma symptoms

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When FUN becomes a part of our everyday life, we open up to options we may never have noticed in the past. Whatever happens becomes grist for the mill — something to learn from, to create with, instead of something to complain about. Linda used the experience of being cast out from her workplace to begin exorcising the good girl image that had restricted her most of her life. You too can take what is difficult and use it to create a turn. Deciphering asthma symptoms

Expanding our view of ourselves and the world is liberating. Using the FUN program helps us do that, fun offers a different way of knowing ourselves and of relating to our lives and our difficulties. Essentially, it reawakens our power to tap into the invisible as well as visible worlds. Ultimately, this enriches and heals our lives. Instead of the symptoms being the enemy, they become mirrors, barometers of our inner lives, and compasses for our return to health.


As we Focus on asthma and its symptoms, we learn that it’s not only a disease; it’s a question that asks “what’s the point?’’ It seeks to inform us of our deepest intention — an intention we have not yet integrated into our lives. The next exercise will show you how to read the messages conveyed by asthma symptoms. It gives you a FUN technique that allows you to perceive them in a new way. Without pathologizing or psychologizing your symptoms, the technique that follows offers a way to create a turn of mind where shame, blame, and guilt play no part. The meaning and purpose of the symptom are not sought through digging up stuff from the past or blaming others; they are encoded in the symptom itself.

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Tips on Deciphering the Symptom

Deciphering the symptom’s message is like breaking a cryptic code. One way to decode the message is to pay attention to the etymology of the word that describes the symptom. For example, to wheeze comes from the Latin root meaning “to lament” and from the Old Norse meaning “to hiss.” While the Latin emphasizes sadness and grief, the Old Norse suggests anger. Questions that stem from the etymology of the symptoms are questions like “What am I grieving?’’ or “Who, or what, am I angry with?” These questions are worlds away from asking “Why is this happening?” or the old standard “Why me?” Through asking these new questions, you may develop a different relationship with the asthma and begin to live life without being enslaved to it.

The Decoding Exercise draws from two sources: the meanings and etymologies found in Webster’s New World College Dictionary and from everyday, idiomatic expressions. You might also want to create some of your own questions. Yours will be as legitimate as the ones written here. See which questions push a button, ring a bell, get you going, upset you, annoy you, make you hold your breath. Pay attention to how your body feels. Then write (or draw) anything that seems important or interesting.

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