5 Interesting Facts About My Canadian Pharmacy

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My Canadian Pharmacy is an online pharmacy service that offers high quality generic and branded to customers all over the world. With the main focus of the company being the region of North America, My Canadian Pharmacy is one of the most renowned online drug stores in the Western World. The company often brags about its high level of service and low prices, but some people are doubtful about such corporate claims. So what is true about My Canadian Pharmacy?

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1. Why Are Prices So Low?

Many customers are concerned with the fact that products at My Canadian Pharmacy online service cost so little. It seems unreasonable that drugs like Viagra or Cialis may cost as little as 1$ per pill. However, there is no fraud or scam in My Canadian Pharmacy’s pricing model. Here are some reasons why the prices are low:

  • Generic products are manufactured by offshore pharmaceutical companies that can offer us better prices due to having less marketing, administrative, and operational expenses. Generic drugs are cheaper. We obviously check every single shipment of products and examine them in a laboratory.
  • A large turnover. Catering to a wide audience worldwide allows us to keep up the numbers and turnover lots of goods regularly. This allows us to make profit while adding tiny interest to each purchase made by our customers.
  • We are trying to be competitive and offer our customers the lowest prices possible in order to keep our competitors at bay. This is highly important for our business and we will always try to make our customers as happy as possible when it comes to getting good deals.

My Canadian Pharmacy (official web address http://www.mycanadianpharmacymall) is directly interested in keeping prices as low as possible. Additionally, working with reliable offshore partners helps in maintaining low prices while offering high quality replacements for overpriced branded versions of products like sildenafil (Viagra) or tadalafil (Cialis).

2. Earning Respect Since 2003

The most obvious reason for My Canadian Pharmacy’s success in the market is the continuity of its services. Having over 12 years of experience behind their backs, people in charge of the company know the intricacies and difficulties of e-Commerce inside and out. When My Canadian Pharmacy was founded in 2003, the company had several goals:

  1. Making its name known all over the world;
  2. Establishing the brand;
  3. Making at least some profit.

After a decade, the goals changed and now the corporate philosophy includes wider purposes:

  1. Giving access to life-changing drugs to a wider audience of patients;
  2. Create a competitive environment in the industry;
  3. Expand the online presence and ship goods all over the world.

The company changed over the course of last 14 years. This means that all this time the company has been earning respect from both partners and customers. Today, My Canadian Pharmacy is definitely one of the most reliable and respected companies in the market.

3. Working with Generic Products

Have you heard about generics? If you have been shocked by price labels on branded versions of Xanax or Viagra and tried to search for affordable alternatives, chances are high that you know about generics. Many people are still not aware of generic drugs and believe that Canadian Viagra is a fake placebo-type of a drug. However, this is not true. Instead of lining out benefits of generics, we want to simple provide you with several facts about these products. Facts that My Canadian Pharmacy relies on when it comes to business transparency.

  • Generic drugs are copies of original drugs and may contain slightly different types of inactive ingredients that do not affect the effect of the drug. For example, the main and only active ingredient of both Viagra and Generic Viagra is the notorious PDE5 inhibitor sildenafil.
  • Generic drugs usually have the same dosages as original drugs. However, generic drugs may have slightly different or altered dosing. This depends on the manufacturer.
  • Generic drugs are checked by local authorities and double checked in laboratories by MCP’s professionals. This way we ensure that our products are truly generic versions of original drugs and do not contain additional ingredients or undesirable components.

4. There Is a 100%-cashback guarantee

Sometimes people are not satisfied with the product and it is totally understandable. The vast majority of companies do not allow customers to complain openly or even return goods. However, Canadian Pharmacy tries to be as transparent and open with customers as possible and guarantees 100% money back, if you were not satisfied with the drugs. This is a very important part of relationships between a company and a customer. By allowing customers to complain and provide valuable feedback, the company ensures that the clients are truly loyal.

In order to receive your money back, you need to contact the customer support service and leave an official complain. Describe in details what exactly disappointed you in the drug. The specialists will process the complaint within several business days and reply immediately upon investigating your case. Easy!

5. My Canada Pharmacy Is One of the Safest Companies Out There!

My Canada Pharmacy emphasizes the importance of safety measures and tries to protect its customers from possible risks when it comes to sharing personal and financial data online. The company has several distinct safety policies that make business secure and safe.

  • Personal and financial data is heavily protected and stored in different places in order to avoid leakages. At the same time, every single person is asked whether processing of their personal information is allowed.
  • Our IT-department is man-handled and we have specialists that maintain our hardware and monitor server statuses 24/7. This way we are always protected from possible cyber-attacks and data leakages. We do not try to outsource our technological processes and always protect our clients’ data on our own.

The vast majority of customer service specialists at My Canadian Pharmacy are trained professionals and will process your personal information in accordance with strict corporate rules. We try to avoid automatic machine handled data processing to reduce the risks.

Traditional vs. Online Canadian Pharmacies: Discovering Better Options

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It is high time to switch from regular or traditional drugstore services to more modern and definitely reliable online stores with numerous drug types, lower prices and a whole bunch of other benefits offered. Don’t you agree? It’s not that the fact they are top trendy is the main reason why. It’s more about convenience and comfort, time and money economy as well as privacy options.

Why should one pay more, if there is a cheaper alternative? Why must we stand in lines, if making an order takes a few seconds? Why drive miles as long as there’s a possibility to get drugs delivered right to your place?

Traditional vs. Online: Who Has the Upper Hand?

Traditional vs. Online Canadian Pharmacies: Discovering Better Options

Finding affordable options online is always possible. You can look through the top rated online drugstores and revise prices and range. All orders are always confirmed by phone. This is the way for pharmacies to protect themselves from misunderstandings and errors, and a chance for clients to make sure that they won’t get the drug they didn’t intend to buy.

Another difference is the payment system. While dealing with web stores, a client chooses the option which is the most comfortable for him. Aside from bank transfers and credit card payments, one can also use electronic payment systems.

And finally, no local store will provide you with as much information on the drug use as an online store. For example, reliable pharmacies like ours provide reviews, drug descriptions, buyers’ feedback and numerous researches, tips and advice that are always valuable.

Here at Canadian Online Pharmacy we believe that this information will help improve someone’s life greatly. Our writers feature in-depth, recent and always relevant information for the audience. We suggest the peace of mind for families and individuals.

Top 3 Key Online Pharmacy’s Features

1. Easy Purchasing
Of course, the fact you don’t have to leave your place always makes the purchase easy, yet you also have to consider some other features. The purchasing process is really hassle-free, the connection is stable and there is a 24/7 regime support.

2. Easy Payment
It’s no secret that Canadian Pharmacies always offer cheaper medicines. But the quality and brand remain the same. The payment process is always easy, because many modern stores accept credit card payments.

3. Delivery to the Doorstep
They make the entire process easier for you. Pharmacies deliver numerous packages nationwide and abroad. After you make a purchase, you should wait for a while to get the package.

Online Doesn’t Mean Unsafe

You have probably heard of many unreliable web pharmacies with numerous fraud schemes and low-quality drugs, haven’t you? Well, it doesn’t mean that online Canadian Pharmacies are such. In fact, most of them aren’t.

Signs of Legitimate Pharmacies

  • name, address, business, physical location and contact information are displayed on the main page. Check whether the address is a Canadian one, because recently there were cases, when a company claimed to operate in Canada, while in reality it sent drugs from the Caribbean;
  • valid prescriptions are requires, the patients are asked to fill out info on the medical history before they make an order;
  • a reputable drugstore has licensed pharmacists available for various consultations;
  • the license number is easy to find on the pharmacy’s website. If there’s no license, the store is definitely unreliable;
  • whatever is ordered and whatever payment system is used, all information is kept confidential;
  • look for stores that are credited by special organizations that monitor them and inform the audience whether they are reputable or not.

These tips will help many individuals avoid numerous concerns while purchasing online. You may find it problematic to search many reliable pharmacies, yet there is Canadian Pharmacy http://www.mycanadianpharmacyrx.com that is always at your service.

Your Privacy

The main problem of traditional drugstores is a lack of privacy: everyone around can hear the order you make. It’s OK, if you buy antibiotics, but what if you need ED pills, hair loss medication or cholesterol drugs? Having all sufficient information about the prescription you got, a Canadian Pharmacy offers complete anonymity. Even the most confidential medical status can be shared, and no one is going to find out about the problem you have.

You may have some doubts. But you can also try to make an online purchase and make sure everything written above is true. Filling an online prescription is easy, purchasing is budget-friendly, privacy is always guaranteed. Choose us as your legitimate drug resource, read available medicine info, look through feedbacks, recommendations or tips and get your high quality medications for cheap.

Choosing a reputable online pharmacy – Canadianhealthcaremalll.com

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online pharmacy

When looking for a decent, reliable drugstore that provides you with quality meds, you should be paying close attention to customer service opportunities, pricing model transparency and guarantee options. And this is where Canadian Pharmacy Mall stands out from the crowd as it brings all the above aspects to perfection. Launched in 1998 as exclusively online project, today Canadian Pharmacy is a company with over 600 employees, shipping over 2ml. orders annually. Unlike thousands of online drugstores, Online Pharmacy keeps its promises as for the quality and customer services advantages, so here are the cold facts saying you should definitely give this option a try.

The quality of medications is second to none

Online Pharmacy, also known as www.canadianhealthcaremalll.com, is focusing on erectile dysfunction solutions, although it’s lineup has plenty of drugs categories (hair regrowth, obesity treatment and many more). An impressive selection of drugs is a good thing, but what is more important – all the products represented in the drugstore are supplied directly from manufacturers. So that’s why the drugstore is so confident in the quality of preparations it offers – the risks of selling counterfeit meds or zero-quality preparations are reduced to zero. While an average online pharmacies give promises and disappear after Google’s sanctions, leaving you one on one with your problems, buying Canadian Pharmacy guarantees finest quality will be there.

Customer service exceeding any expectations

It seems the drugstore will soon be challenging your pharmacy around the corner as, perhaps, the only advantage of the latter one is the access to the drug here and now. Well, this way or the other, the average of 3-4 days per delivery is still a better result against the background of numerous competitors. As for the other customer aspects, CHCM Pharmacy is leaving its competitors in dust: with a generous to a fault loyalty program, free of charge professional consultations and a totally easy to interact with store, you will definitely love the way the drugstore works.

Save your money with Canadian Pharmacy

Despite the tendency of rocketing costs for meds, the prices for drugs at Canadian Pharmacy are going through the floor. Whether you are looking for erectile dysfunction drugs or cardiovascular system preparations, you should definitely stop by this store, as the hundreds of dollars in savings per year seems to be a reasonable direction to pick up. With the loyalty program you can save up to 30% per order – all the buyers enroll in the program, which terms are simple and easy – the more you spend, the bigger discount you enjoy. You can also cut off your expenses with the regular seasonal discounts and special promotions (thus, e.g., you can buy generic Cialis 10mg for as low as $1.82 per pill). Finally, you can also count on bonuses and personal discounts – be it an extra pack or an exclusive personal deal, the odds to get rewarded for your savvy choice are always very good.

Generic Viagra – a buying guide in Canadian Pharmacies

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Generic Viagra is one of the requested drugs for the erectile dysfunction in men of any age.

Generic Viagra differs from other drugs for the ED treatment by the perfect correlation price/quality. The cost of Generic Viagra online is by 2-3 times lower than the cost of the original Viagra. These drugs act completely similarly.

It is rather difficult to find Generic Viagra in the municipal pharmacies, especially if you live in commuting town or away from the large cities. The pharmacy owners conclude contracts with manufacturer of brand Viagra and have to sell only original drug. This way they get more profit and additional discounts for purchase new batch of goods. In spite of this, it is not difficult to buy Generic Viagra.

It is possible to order the unlimited number of pills in the Canadian Pharmacy Generic Viagra to improve the erectile function.

Large and resupplied assortment, easy search and drug purchase, affordable prices, and possibility of shipment are excellent peculiarities of the advanced Canadian Pharmacy Generic Viagra.

Canadian Pharmacy www.canadianhealthcaremalll.com differs by the reasonable prices, good service, and broad assortment. If you want to buy Generic Viagra online, you will be offered several options at once, and a choice of the drug depends only on your preferences.

There is no need to live in Canada to order the Canadian Generic Viagra. Your order will be delivered to any place of the planet. Most orders of the Canadian Generic Viagra are sent by air-mail. The delivery period depends on the selected way. It may be the common shipment by air-mail which takes up to 2 weeks. You may also use the express shipment which takes up to 5 days. The express shipment is expensive but you may be offered a free shipment or additional discount covering the expenses on shipment, if you order a big pack of the Canadian Generic Viagra.
The condoning attitude towards all clients regardless of their country makes the Canadian Pharmacies more attractive for people all over the world.

How to buy Generic Viagra online?

The buying procedure of Generic Viagra is not difficult in the Canadian pharmacy. Easy-to-use and convenient interface of the online pharmacy website favors it.

One may find Generic Viagra among many drugs for the erectile dysfunction treatment with the help of the search box. Enter the name of the drug and go to the needed page.

If you want to look at the complete list of Generics Viagra, you may use goods classifier and go to the sections with drugs for the erectile dysfunction treatment.

After finding the needed drug it is necessary to select dosage and number of the pills. There is a discount system in the Canadian Pharmacy Generic Viagra which spreads on the big packs of Viagra. Therefore, it is profitable to order 90 or 120 pills of Generic Viagra online at once, this way, you will be able to cover expenses for the shipment of your order.

The order takes just 4-5 minutes. It is necessary to indicate your personal data and physical address to receive a package. Do not worry about the safety of your personal data because the advanced safety systems guarantee a complete confidentiality.

After filling out a blank and selecting the shipment delivery you will be offered to pay for your order by any convenient methods. Client is offered several methods of the payment: bank transfer, credit card, and VISA. Cash payment is often used while receiving the order. You may trust the pharmacy and not worry about your money.
The buying process of Generic Viagra online is very fast and does not cause troubles even if you have never ordered drugs online.

If you have any questions, you may contact consultants of the Canadian pharmacy and obtain information about a medical drug or work of the online pharmacy.

Buying Premium Viagra Online at AWC Canadian Pharmacy

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Buying medications online is an absolutely normal practice in 2015 – it took almost a decade for people to accept the rules of the game, break psychological barriers and even get accustomed to the new routine. In the age of accessible resources, when an online store is created in a matter of minutes and online promotion can be almost automated, the choice of a decent place to buy quality drugs becomes a drudgery. So what are the main criteria that define the choice of this or that online pharmacy? Let’s consider the example of AWC Canadian Pharmacy, the old school player on the pharmaceuticals sales market focusing on erectile dysfunction remedies. Buying Premium Viagra Online at AWC Canadian Pharmacy

The reasons behind switching to online

Why do people jump on the internet to purchase drugs? Is it only about saving time on visiting a local store? Of course not. First of all, buying Viagra in Canada at conventional brick and mortar shops is something that can burn a hole in your pocket. So the first reasons – people are looking for better prices. A far-famed canadian pharmacy satisfies the demand in two ways:

It offers a wide selection of original sildenafil citrate Canada approved drugs at discounted prices, mostly due to less operational expenses in comparison with B&M stores and more optimized processes.

With a reputation of a finest generic pharmacy, it offers an impressive range of generic Viagra and its analogs. AWC purchases pills directly from manufacturers and due to the volumes it enjoys generous discounts, making a solid contribution into a reasonable pricing model.

Are there any stumbling blocks on the road of those looking to fix their delicate situation? Prescription is a big one, getting a quality preparation at a conventional store may be impossible without a prescription, which of course implies a visit to a doctor. Even though erectile dysfunction is better treated under the supervision of a treating doctor, not always it is desirable or even possible.

Canadian Pharmacy Generics (the name AWC used to have at the beginning of its existence) eliminates this rock on which thousands split. You no longer need the prescription to get something you need badly. Neither you need to worry about your privacy – while visits to a doctor discloses your problem at least to the professional (which may be a right thing, but not in all the cases), buying at AWC is a fully confidential process. Your data is processed with the help of the neoteric encryption technologies, while information on the orders is kept at thoroughly protected, secure servers, excluding the risk of breaches or leaks.

Finally, a sterling online pharmacy must care about its customers. Not every business can afford a refund policy, not even 10% of companies will take such a risky step. AWC cares about your choice and is confident in the quality of the products it offers. Therefore, you can take advantage of a refund program and be sure you buy the best pills available on the market.

Graves Disease Symptoms

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There are just too many people who are ill from graves disease.

Hyperthyroidism, Graves disease and hypothyroidism are common disorders dealing with an overactive thyroid that produces too much hormone or an underactive thyroid that doesn’t put out enough hormones.

Symptoms from these conditions are increased appetite, weakness, depression, weight loss or weight gain, heart palpitations, hair loss and many other issues.

Conventional medicine wants to treat these symptoms with toxic medications and useless surgeries that compound your problem. These solutions only mask the symptoms never addressing the real problem for the condition.

Thyroid disease is actually a warning sign from the body telling you that there is an imbalance. Until these imbalances are addressed, graves disease and all diseases will continue to exist.

When we abuse or bodies through bad eating habits and other negative habits our bodies become weak and unable to remove toxins, germs, bacteria and other harmful pollutants.

What is causing us to be sick and come down with thyroid disorders? The answer is that are bodies are over acidic.We eat things that deplete our bodies of the nutrients it needs.

The body struggles to get the energy it needs from cells. It will begin to steal this energy from other organs in order for it to function properly.

That can leaves organs such as the thyroid weak and unable to function at the proper levels. The body goes into survival mode when the body is high in acid it cannot fight off diseases and kill toxins.

These acids will settle into the weakest parts of the body that have lost energy to fight off toxins and begin to cause major health problems.

If you want to be free of thyroid disease, hypthyroidism, graves disease and hyperthyroidism, you have to start by changing how you live and what you eat.

To reverse health issues like Graves disease there are five vital things that need to be done. Once you implement these things into your life, you will begin to notice your health improving and your symptoms diminishing.

Diseases are nothing more than symptoms of unbalance in the body. We live unhealthy lifestyles and have unhealthy diets that contribute to the decline of our health. It takes years of abuse of nutrition and acid build up from poor elimination.

By following five vital steps, your body will be back in balance and you will be on the road to health.

Moneysaving Shopping with Canadian Health Care Mall: I Discovered and Keep Enjoying It

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This is something that I love most. I need some medicines, pills or whatever of that kind. I hate it going to pharmacies and standing in lines. I prefer those being delivered right to my doorstep. This is why I love online pharmacy and Canadian Pharmacy in particular.

All you have to do is get determined about the kind of medicines needed. Well, even if you fail to know which ones you actually need, because you forgot their names, you still have a chance to pick out those from the lists provided on the pages of the Canadian Pharmacy official site. They can boast of a huge range of medicines available, so you will easily find the ones recommended and prescribed by your doctor.

Need Medicines of Intimate Nature? Stop Being Embarrassed

Sometimes people tend to have health disorders which are not so convenient to discuss and go to see their doctor makes them really embarrassed. The good news for those is that such online pharmacies as this one can give a hand in such a situation. You know, it is not enough to offer drugs for men’s health improvement – local pharmacies do that perfectly. The most important thing is to do it delicately and absolutely anonymously. The convenience of the opportunity to read the entire information about this or that drug cannot be overestimated. Detailed instructions are kindly offered on the corresponding pages of the website. I found out about Viagra varieties, their effectiveness and probable side effects. Here I should mention that in Viagra pills offered by Canadian Pharmacy online there are no side effects or they are quite rare.

Spotless anonymity is what they guarantee and really provide. I looked in the courier’s eyes and he never showed that he knew what was inside the box. I love this particular pharmacy as I feel very comfortable ordering medications here!

Unspeakable Convenience of Purchasing Drugs at Online Canadian Pharmacy

I can decide what drugs I need within max 15 minutes since I first thought of the necessity to buy those. A couple of clicks and that’s it! I am sure of buying a particular drug. The full information on the drug and patterns of taking those is here. Just looking through the most important points I click the Order button and go on with my routine work. Meanwhile my order is being processed and getting shipped. As simple as that.

Save Your Budget with Canadian Health&Care Mall

Today most people get convinced that online shopping is not only extremely fast and wide offering a much bigger variety of goods than traditional drugstores but also it often turns out more money saving. The thing is that you can compare the prices for certain goods (drugs in this case) within a few clicks only. You open up a few websites providing similar goods, medications and compare the prices for those that are identical. This is what I did before making my order with Canadian online pharmacy. And this is what made me prefer Canadian Health&Care Mall www.healthandcaremall.com online to many others making a success online as well.

The primary approval of the local Helsinki Committee

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Patient 1 and patient 5 were treated initially by repeated laser interventions, and patient 2 and patient 3 were referred immediately the Radiotherapy Unit for HDR brachytherapy. Due to the novelty of the procedure, the first patient had to undergo eight laser interventions before he was offered the option of brachytherapy.

All the procedures were conducted following the primary approval of the local Helsinki Committee, requiring a detailed explanation and a signed informed consent. The procedures were performed under sedation in the ambulatory bronchoscopy unit, according to a modification of the protocol in use for malignant diseases. We used an Olympus P30 bronchoscope (Olympus; Tokyo, Japan) to visualize the airway, and positioned it just above the stent. Nd-YAG laser was then applied when needed in order to clear the granulation tissue.

Canadian Health Care News on acanadianhealthcaremall.com.

Under direct fluoroscopic guidance, HDR brachytherapy catheters were passed through the metal stents and secured externally to the patient’s nose. At this stage, the bronchoscopes were removed and the patients were transferred to the Radiation Therapy Unit. On simulation, a single dose of 10 Gy was prescribed to a distance of 1 cm from the center of the source, with a margin of 1 cm from the proximal and distal ends of the stent. Treatment planning was performed with the CadPlan BT brachytherapy planning system (Varian Medical Systems; Palo Alto, CA). Radiation was delivered with the Varisource HDR brachytherapy remote afterloader with an Ir source (10 Ci nominal activity) [Varian Medical Systems].

Following the procedure, repeated bronchoscopies were performed at 3-month intervals in the first half year and every 6 months thereafter, or as clinically required. Pulmonary function tests were routinely done before and after the procedure, as well as chest radiography.

Case 1

A 19-year-old man presented in November 1997 with atelectasis of the right lung. Four months earlier, he had sustained multitrauma injuries, including chest contusion in a motor vehicle accident. He was initially treated in an ICU in another hospital and received mechanical ventilation for 4 weeks.

Fibronectin Expression and Gene Transcription in Fibroblasts

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Like other fibroblasts, cultured NIH-3T3 fibroblasts produce fibronectin in a constitutive fashion, and we have previously demonstrated that nicotine greatly enhances fibronectin expression in these cells. To examine the effects of FP on fibronectin protein expression, NIH-3T3 fibroblasts were pretreated in the presence or absence of FP for 1 h, cultured with or without nicotine (50 pg/mL) for 48 h, followed by harvesting and processing for western blotting.

Fibronectin Expression

Canadian Pharmacy NORX

FP pretreatment inhibited the production of fibronectin protein in both untreated and nicotine-stimulated fibroblasts. In addition, nicotine also stimulated an increase in fibronectin mRNA of > 2.5-fold (p < 0.03) as compared to untreated control cells. Preincubation of fibroblasts for 1 h with FP was associated with a significant reduction (p < 0.04) in fibronectin mRNA accumulation in nicotine-treated fibroblasts as determined by real-time PCR.

The observations described above suggested that FP might exert its effect by inhibiting fibronectin gene transcription. To test this, NIH-3T3 fibroblasts were stably transfected with pFN(1.2kb)LUC, a DNA construct containing the human fibronectin promoter fused to a luciferase reporter gene.

As expected, the transfected cells showed constitutive fibronectin gene transcription as determined by measuring luciferase activity. The transcription of the fibronectin gene was enhanced by treatment with nicotine alone . Of note, the exposure of fibroblasts to FP inhibited the transcription of the fibronectin gene at baseline and after nicotine stimulation .

The effect of FP pretreatment on nicotine-induced fibronectin gene transcription was exerted in a dose-dependent manner with maximum activity between 1 and 5 pmol/L FP . The same effect was observed in primary mouse lung fibroblasts containing pFN(1.2 kb)LUC, where FP pretreatment significantly inhibited transcription of the fibronectin gene after nicotine stimulation.

We and others have shown that fibronectin gene transcription is dependent on phosphorylation and DNA binding by the transcription factor CREB. Consequently, we postulated that FP might affect fibronectin expression by inhibiting CREB. Consistent with this idea, we found that nicotine-treated fibroblasts show increased CREB phosphorylation when compared to untreated fibroblasts. FP pretreatment diminished phosphorylated CREB after nicotine stimulation, whereas the amount of total CREB protein remained relatively unchanged.

Treatment Through Gymnastic Exercises

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Left arm forward and slightly tilted, palm down. The right hand moves along the left arm. Start from the shoulder and go downward, while you are singing the exercise with the letter “Y” (the Bulgarian letter “Y” is pronounced [u] -transl. note). Then the hand goes down to the wrist, while you are singing the exercise with the letter “A” (the Bulgarian letter “A” is pronounced [a] – transl. note). Through Gymnastic Exercises

Finally the hand goes up from the wrist to the elbow, while you are singing the letter “H” (the Bulgarian letter “H” is pronounced [i] – transl. note). The distance from the shoulder to the elbow is the material world, the physical world of the stomach. The zone from the elbow to the wrist is the spiritual world – the heart, and the wrist is the mental world – the mind. Then put your right arm forward, and the left hand is to be moved along it.

Do this exercise for a week every morning and evening for ten times. This will improve the state of the stomach, the chest and the brain. You will treat yourself. One, who wants to be healthy, shall sing. If one is sad or does not feel well, he shall sing, too. Sing and praise God in your soul.

Right leg forward, easily bend the body to the earth, while imaging that you are lifting an enormous load. Do this exercise, gradually increasing the load until you reach 50 kg. By doing the exercise regularly, you will notice that your muscle strength has increased.

If you are able to lift 50 kg mentally and you will be also able to really lift it. Do this exercise when you do not feel well to see what powers you have.

In order your eyes not to weaken, you shall practice. There are exercises, which stir all eye muscles. If not exercised, eyes gradually weaken and lose their ability to see. When you go on an excursion, you want to reach the peak as soon as possible. This is not right. Go slowly and look up, left, right. Once the sun is up, stop for a while, to see how it rises and continue your way. If you are in a hurry, you will soon get old.

One of the reasons for weakening of the eyes is that they do not move. You move your neck when you want to see something and do not move your eyes. I would recommend an exercise that you can do in the morning and whenever you want during the day. Close your eyes and move them, look, as much as it is possible, up, then, as much as it is possible, down, as much as it is possible to the right, and as much as it is possible to the left.

Repeat this several times very slowly. Then, during the day, when you want to see something, do not twist your neck. The neck shall be still, and the eyes are to be moved -this will become the natural way of looking at things for you. This is the physical side. Inside is the following: if you make a mistake and do not fix it, then if you make a second mistake and do not fix it, third one, fourth one, you get used to that and your sight weakens. Another thing: You love someone and excuse his mistakes or you see them as too small ones. You do not love him, do not excuse his mistakes and you see them as too big. Third: eyes weaken as a result of worries, concerns, internal disharmonious states, or of dust.

Cold feet are the first condition of neurasthenia. It is good for neurotics and those, who often lose their temper, to remove their shoes from time to time and walk barefoot on sand or soft grass. In this way feet are in direct contact with the vital powers of the earth and tone. In the morning exercises, while lifting your arms up, you take in the solar energy and through legs – the earth energy. Hence, in the morning, you shall take in solar energies, and in the evening you shall do exercises to get rid of the energy, collected during the day. In the morning you will take in from the Sun, and in the evening you will give the excessive energy to the Earth.

Metabolism and Canadian Health Care Mall

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The thyroid regulates metabolism, growth and body temperature. The gallbladder stores bile and releases it to help with the emulsification of fat, assimilation of fat-soluble nutrients, normalcy of bowel movements and prevention of bacterial infections. The tonsils support the fighting of infections, drainage of toxins and transport of white blood cells between lymph nodes and bone marrow. Unfortunately, most allopathic medical doctors lack the information and nutritional tools to help a person’s body regenerate organs and restore their normal and healthy functions. Gallbladder, spleen, thyroid, uterus, ovary and prostate removals are not necessary when proper nutrition is implemented and no evidence of physical trauma is present.  metabolism

Organ removals lead to worsened states of malnutrition. The removal of a gallbladder with no transplantation of a replacement causes patients to insufficiently emulsify fats and poorly assimilate fat-soluble nutrients like Vitamins A, D, E, K and F. After a gallbladder is removed, what will prevent the rest of the body from deteriorating from systemic fat-soluble nutrient deficiencies? Patients must ask their medical doctors about this prior to gallbladder removal.

Before you decide to have an organ removed, research the potential long-term symptoms. If you are already missing an organ, your holistic health care practitioner will be able to provide you with the proper whole food concentrates to fill the anatomical and physiological gaps your surgeon created. My heart was ripped apart, but it eventually healed. In time, it even became strong again and my willingness to interact with the members of the opposite sex was fully restored. As Tennyson wrote, “It is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.’’ Emotionally, I experienced the blissful transcendence of love, survived the emotional pain of its loss and recovered with a humbled heart.

Physically, each one of our organs has the ability to heal, regenerate and become strong again. However, this only remains true if they are allowed to remain within our bodies. In order to keep our organs healthy enough so they never require removal, we must feed them early and feed them well. A holistic health care practitioner who implements whole food nutrition can support us to do so. It is my dream — a possible one — that we become collectively healthy so that we can sing Paul Young’s song, with slightly modified lyrics for our allopathic medical doctors:

“Every time you go away, please DON’T take a piece of me with you…”

Read more article on http://www.canadianhealthcaremalll.com and twitter news: https://twitter.com/healthcare_mall