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Remedies For Acid Reflux

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The general proportion of blood is 20% acidic in nature and 80% alkaline. When the proportion of the acidity increases in the blood level, it affects the digestive system and this condition this generally termed as heartburn or heartache. It leads to sourness in the abdominal region and physicians call this as acidity and treat it accordingly.

Drugs are not the only answers to this problem. It is not possible to forget the numbers of deaths caused by the drug propulsid which was used to treat the heartburn. It was then withdrawn from the market after facing ligations. Hence, here comes the need to look for alternative and effective ways to cure reflux.

A detoxification diet is an effective natural remedy in curing this heartburn. It is highly recommended to drink about 1 gallon of purified water along with the probiotics to restore the normal functioning of the body parts. Drinking water in excess will help to keep the urine in a light yellow shade.

The food items consumed must be dry. Spicy foods can be consumed but to a restricted level. However, patients are encouraged to try various kinds of food items to check the results. The consumption of pickles and tea should be reduced to a greater extent. Potato can be a good natural remedy as it is alkaline in nature. The presence of potassium salt will restrict the acidity developed in the body system. Garlic is the most sought by the acid reflux affected patients. It will kill all the pathogenic organisms that are responsible for the acid reflux. Fresh garlic must be consumed for better results. The above discussed are some of the natural remedies which can help in curing acid reflux.

Arch Pain

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Arch pain is a fairly common problem, particularly among people that spend a lot of time on their feet. Police that walk a beat, nurses, salespeople, cashiers and many other careers require constant standing and walking. In order to avoid the problem, these people need shoes that offer support and stability throughout the arches or insoles that provide support and stabilize the heel.

It is important to address the problem, as soon as it is noticed. Without support, the ankles can turn outward, which puts additional strain on the inner border of the foot. The eventual result can be flat feet.

If not corrected, flat feet can lead to problems with the ankles, knees, hips and back. The muscles in the foot can weaken, leading to excessive fatigue and lack of energy. Aching feet have a negative effect on your mood, as well.

In some of the most extreme cases, surgery is needed to stabilize the bones. These problems only get worse as time goes by, if something is not done to stop the progression.

Arch pain can be relieved by wearing shoes that have a built in arch-support. They are composed of a polypropylene shell that is flexible enough to be comfortable when walking, but rigid enough to hold the foot in a natural position when standing.

Most high quality shoes have some type of built in support for the arches. But, shoes that are thin (flip-flops, house slippers and some sneakers) are designed strictly as fashion accessories will not provide adequate support.

Supports can be added to some shoe designs to allow a person to continue to wear the shoe, if they desire. Full length, ¾ length, and “arch-only” inserts are available. Special braces can also be used to provide extra stability, prevent arch pain and help to prevent the arches from falling.

The outsoles of most dress shoes are made of hard leather. In work-oriented shoes, by contrast, the outsoles are made of natural or synthetic rubber. The heels in men’s dress and women’s casual shoes are made of rubber, as well.

Hard leather outsoles provide little or no shock absorption. They are designed mostly for sitting, although they make it easier to “slide” on a dance floor, too.

Women’s dress shoes, as a rule, provide the least support and are of the poorest designs, in terms of comfort. They are often the cause of heel, ball of foot and arch pain.

A few companies have taken to designing women’s dress shoes that are comfortable and practical. It was always possible to design a nice looking shoe that also provided necessary support. It just costs more.

Wearing cheap shoes is the cause of all kinds of feet problems. Wearing pointy-toed shoes with a small toe-box or pointy heels cause painful feet, knees, hips and back. As you may notice, those are the same problems that can be caused by flat-feet.

So, take the necessary steps to reduce foot arch pain, before you start to experience other pains in your lower body. A good foundation leads to good health.

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Swine flu prevention

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Influenza type activity is becoming more prevalent as the flu season progresses. The H1N1 virus is now widespread in forty-eight states. Doctor and hospital visits are on the rise and the influenza death rate has increased from years past. After testing many people with the flu, the H1N1 virus has shown to be the overwhelming culprit. This flu season is definitely going to be a tough one for sure but there are measures that can be taken to prevent this spreading illness. We all definitely need to be more proactive to protect ourselves and our family when we’re at work, church, school and out shopping. So how can I prevent H1N1 you might ask? Well there are some practical steps you can take.

We can get the swine flu vaccine. I do have concerns however with the vaccine. It’s very new and was only tested on a small group of people before being issued to the general public. Health experts claim that the vaccine is created in the same way as the regular flu vaccine. If that’s the case then the concern lies with if you feel comfortable with vaccines in general.

Some other ways you can avoid swine flu is to frequently wash your hands. I found a very effective way to keep your (and your kid’s) hands clean is to take some travel size hand sanitizer with you in your pocket or purse. Using it often after touching things out in the public like door knobs, gas pumps and shopping carts can be a great asset in preventing swine flu.

You should also get plenty of sleep and eat healthy for a strong immune system. Try to avoid crowded places in tight areas, for example take the stairs instead of a packed elevator. So if you’re asking how can I prevent H1N1 I hope this gave you some helpful tips. Again this is going to be a very challenging flu season, but following some very smart and effective steps can increase your chances of not catching this terrible illness.

Effective Methods to Quit Smoking

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The decision to quit smoking can be one of the best decisions that you will make in your lifetime. Quitting smoking leads to better health, a cleaner lifestyle, and more money in your wallet. Quitting smoking is also an extremely difficult choice that can lead to headaches, crankiness, sleeplessness, and dry mouth. However, these symptoms last a week or two at the most whereas the benefits last a lifetime. If you really want to quit but can’t seem to manage it, there are plenty of products and groups that exist solely to help you quit.

If you look at smoking in a strictly logical manner, it is a wonder that people ever start to smoke in the first place. Smoking is expensive. In big cities a single pack of cigarettes can cost five dollars. Even if you live in low tax state and buy a cheap brand, you are still spending two or three dollars a pack. A conservative estimate of one pack a day comes to sixty spent on cigarettes per month and seven hundred and twenty dollars spent on cigarettes per year. You are literally burning your money with each puff. Doesn’t that make you want to quit?

Then think of the health benefits. Cigarettes contain tar and toxic gases like the kind that come out of the tailpipe of your car. Those poisons get into your lungs, decrease your lung capacity and are the leading cause of lung cancer and heart disease. Quitting smoking also improve your outer appearance. Your hair, breath, and fingers will no longer smell like smoke. After you stop staining your teeth with tobacco tar they will start to return to their natural white color. Your clothes, car, house, and even pets will smell natural again.

To quit smoking involves a lot of willpower, but it can be done. There are many steps you can take to break your habit of smoking and your addiction to nicotine. First, avoid places where you know people will be smoking. Thankfully, many cities have passed bans on smoking in bars and restaurants, so you can still go out and enjoy yourself. Find other people who are trying to quit or who have quit successfully. You may know someone, or you can find a large support community on the internet. Let these people be the outlet for your frustrations. Even if you find yourself irrationally yelling for a few days, it is better than continuing to smoke for a lifetime.

In addition to emotional support, you can get physical support from nicotine replacement products such as patches or gum. You can even smoke herbal cigarettes for a while if the action of smoking something will help you. Just keep persevering and you will be able to quit smoking in no time.

Dangers of Obesity

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Most people who decide they need to lose weight are aiming to improve their appearance, but the health benefits of good nutrition and a sound exercise program are ultimately far more valuable.

Study after study has demonstrated that obesity is a significant threat to longevity and good health, but many people are not even aware that they are medically obese – the generally accepted definition of obesity is over 25% body fat for men, and over 32% body fat for women. An estimated 20% of American adults fit this profile.

The problem only gets worse with time: The average American adult puts on about a pound a year after the age of 25, meaning that by middle-age many people have put on 25 pounds or more. To make matters worse, your metabolism naturally slows down as you age, while at the same time, sedentary adults tend to lose one pound of lean muscle mass every year from inactivity, depressing metabolism even more.

The dangers of excess body fat range from insulin resistance and diabetes to heart disease and cancer, and the cause-and-effect relationship is not difficult to understand: If you are overweight, your heart has to work that much harder to supply fresh blood to the body, making everything from moving around to simple breathing more of an effort. Over time, this extra effort takes its toll, resulting in damage to the heart muscle.

Obesity also comes with a greater risk of high cholesterol, which can increase the chances of developing arteriosclerosis, in which the blood flow in the arteries is slowly choked off by plaque deposits, depriving internal organs of adequate blood supply and forcing the heart to pump harder, raising blood pressure. A full 25% of heart problems today can be traced directly to obesity.

While many people may be aware that obesity can damage the heart, few are aware that it can also result in a higher risk for cancer – in men, being overweight comes with a higher risk of prostate and colon cancer, while in women the risk of uterine and breast cancer is significantly higher. It is believed that excess body fat serves as storage for carcinogenic toxins in the body, and these toxins can leach from fat packed around the internal organs.

The good news is that by losing weight you can undo much of the damage caused by excess body fat and reduce your risk factors for cancer and heart disease – in fact, studies have shown that losing just 10-15% of your body weight can improve your overall heart health and cholesterol levels even more than prescription drugs in many cases.

Those who lose weight and exercise regularly have proven to be eight times less likely to die of cancer and heart disease, and 53% less likely to die of other diseases.

Even if it takes you several years to implement a healthier way of life, the results over the long term will be more than worth the effort.

Would you like to discover the best times to eat normal foods to help you burn fat?

Weight Loss after Pregnancy

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Weight loss is a big question for every woman after she gives birth. The extra weight gained during pregnancy and dealing with post pregnancy body is what bothers every woman. The idea is to reclaim your body by getting back to shape.

But with every new baby there is another side of the story, one not nearly as glamorous, one however, that deserves to be heard. After giving birth my wife had gained 21 pounds, this is the story of how together we helped her shed it off.

Eat foods in the right combination’s. Getting the right amounts of carbohydrate, fat and protein in each meal and snack will help keep you feeling full, keep your metabolism burning more fat and help reduce cravings.

Many of those with expertise in the medical field advise slowly getting into a weight loss regiment following giving birth. After a three month waiting period, a combination of a low-fat diet and light exercise is recommended to reach your weight-loss goals.

Also, you moving at a pace unlike any other time in your life. You’re up early and down late. But napping is neccessary, so take full advantage of it.

The higher caloric requirement for breastfeeding is one reason that extra body fat is stored during pregnancy – so that mom has an available source of extra fuel to make milk. So, breastfeeding creates a unique opportunity to help mom lose fat more quickly by burning up that stored fat.

A good diet for pregnancy comprises of nutritious and high-density foods. Never do any harsh diets, always ensure that you get enough nutrition especially so if you are breastfeeding.

A traditional workout system would not be able to deliver results for mums suffering from post-pregnancy belly fat, what is more needed is a targeted workout regime for the lower stomach as well as the core muscles.

It is still highly debatable whether or not breastfeeding can actually help lose the post-pregnancy weight. What is certain though is that breastfeeding is highly beneficial for your baby and slightly convenient for you. It lets you add 300 calories or more on your diet without compromising your weight.

Drink lots of water – this will cleanse your body, make you feel full and keep your metabolic levels high. Your body really loves water! Have at least 8 glasses of it each and every day. Water keeps your body hydrated and satisfied.

Another weight loss after pregnancy tip is to eat healthy foods. This will help you burn body fat quickly. Some of the foods that you should eat include whole wheat breads and pastas, yogurt, fruits, lean meats, veggies, and nuts. Also, be sure you eat every couple of hours.

Fast weight loss after pregnancy is really just a figment of our imaginations. But, weight loss after pregnancy is completely possible through healthier eating and light to moderate exercise.

Effective Hair Loss Cure

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Loosing your hair can be a blow to your confidence and self-esteem. Even though millions of men suffer from male pattern baldness, somehow that does not make it any easier to deal with. Hair loss tends to give you an older appearance far before your time. If anything, it is jarring to look in the mirror and notice the change. It was a part of your life, and perhaps a part of your partner’s life.

The internet is flooded with drugs and supplements that claim to be the ultimate cure for hair loss. In fact, there is no reason to pay money to a scam artist in exchange for a sugar capsule that will surely not produce results. Stop looking for a magic solution and make an appointment with your doctor. There are drugs approved by the FDA that have been clinically proven to reverse the effects of male pattern baldness.

Baldness in men occurring for genetic reasons is, actually, caused by a reaction to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a form of testosterone that is naturally produced in the body. This chemical has a reaction with an enzyme found in the glands below your scalp. Although scientists do not understand the exact reason, it is clear that the result is shrunken hair follicles and, consequently, baldness.

There are two drugs commonly prescribed to treat male pattern baldness.

  • Minoxidil was the first treatment clinically proven to be effective. At first, this drug was marketed to lower blood pressure, but researchers noticed that it had the side effect of causing hair growth in all kinds of unlikely places. Today it is available over the counter as Rogaine, but it is not considered to be as effective as other treatment options.
  • Finasteride is a second drug commonly prescribed to treat hair loss. Marketed as Propecia or Proscar, it is very effective at suppressing DHT levels and helping the follicles begin producing hair again. Finasteride, like Minoxidil, was first shown to stimulate hair growth during an unrelated clinical trial. In fact, researchers thought it might reduce the size of an enlarged prostate.

Unlike many hair loss cures, a vast majority of men can achieve positive results by sticking with one of these two treatments. If your doctor determines that you do, in fact, have male pattern baldness, he or she may likely prescribe one of these two treatment options.

Talking to your doctor early is important when treating hair loss. Though a physician can prescribe any number of drugs that might help you, the balder you become, the less likely it is that the drugs will provide any significant improvement.

Treatment for Ovarian Cysts

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Ovarian cysts can be very painful and draining. Even if they are benign they can grow and make you very uncomfortable. They can cause , fever, excessive bleeding, swelling of the abdomen, pain in the lower back, and weight gain, among other symptoms. The faster you get treatment for ovarian cysts the better.

There are natural remedies for ovarian cysts that work much better than the methods used by conventional medicine. Doctors will usually prescribe pain killers to alleviate the pain, birth control pills to stop ovulation, and eventually surgery to remove the cyst. All this is painful, costly and risky.

Pain killers can impair you mentally and are very addictive, birth control pills have many side effects, and surgery is very invasive and always has risks. Besides, all these conventional treatments do not prevent the recurrence of the cysts. They deal with the symptoms only, not the cause of the disease.

Treatment for ovarian cysts with natural remedies goes to the root of the problem. With natural remedies you can treat the cause of the cysts. By simply changing your diet and staying away from some types of foods which cause these cysts, you can heal yourself and shrink the cyst until it disappears. You can also use a heating pad or a warm bath to relieve the pain on your pelvic area. By drinking a lot of water, taking fiber as well as certain vitamins, your chances of developing cysts in the future are much less.

The best treatment for ovarian cysts is to treat the imbalance in your body that is causing this disease. You work with your body to restore it to health by addressing the underlying problem, which is usually hormonal or stress related. And you can do all this from home.

Arthritis Pain Control

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Arthritis affects people from all walks of life and can strike at any age. Whilst it may limit your participation in some activities, the pain does not have to control your life. One of the very first steps toward managing your pain is to have a positive attitude. Your mind will play a very important role in how you react to pain and its debilitating effects. If you can laugh at yourself and keep a sense of humor, you will go a long way to winning in this first line of defense against pain.

There are other ways to help control your arthritis pain. One of the most important of these is exercise. There is the old saying that says “use it, or loose it”! Whilst it is not wise to exercise during times when a joint is going through a “flare-up” i.e. it is swollen, red and painful – exercise does help to maintain a joint’s mobility and range of movement. Exercise also helps to strengthen muscles surrounding the joint and to therefore keep it stable. This is extremely important for later stages when, due to wear and tear, the joint itself becomes less and less stable. If the muscles surrounding the joint are kept strong this will go a long way towards stabilizing the joint itself and thus controlling pain levels.

Exercise will help to maintain general health, which in turn will help with that all important positive attitude. One of the best forms of exercise for people suffering from arthritis pain is swimming because this allows for movement without the effects of gravity. Even those sometimes swollen joints can be gently moved in water so that there is no loss of range of movement.

The final two things to mention in this short introduction, are relaxation techniques and getting adequate sleep. It is very important to learn some relaxation techniques – simple ones – like progressive and targeted relaxing of muscle groups. This will help tremendously when muscles have been tensed to try and hold an aching joint in place. The muscles themselves can eventually go into a spasm which will only add to the pain burden.

And then finally, the importance of adequate sleep cannot be stressed enough. Arthritis is a very debilitating condition and this combined with inadequate sleep will only exacerbate the situation and that positive attitude that you have worked so hard at cultivating, can so easily fly out of the window and leave you in a negative frame of mind. This will rob you of the energy that is so necessary to cope with longstanding pain.

Stomach Ache Remedies

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The stomach ache has plagued humanity for a long, long time. However, you do not have to put up with constant stomach aches. In this article I will talk about what causes them and how to get rid of the them and keep them away.

The Stomach Ache – What Does Is It Feel Like?

It is amazing how little most people know about stomach pain. I mean, everybody gets them and some people get them severely and most often.

A stomach ache is basically a symptom that is caused by a disorder in your stomach or intestines. How does it feel to most people? It can feel like:

  • A sharp jabbing pain.
  • A stabbing pain (like being stabbed in the pit of the stomach with a knife).
  • A burning pain.
  • A slicing pain.
  • A cramping pain.
  • A combination of any of the above.

I’m sure there are more ways to describe different types of stomach pain, but these are the most common types.

What Are Some Natural Ways To Get Rid Of A (Or Reoccurring) Stomach Ache?

Okay, if you are prone to stomach aches, controlling and getting rid of them is a very serious issue to you. There are plenty of medicines on the shelves designed for this, but I want to give you some natural, harmless ways.

First of all, if you are having reoccurring, severe stomach pain, I suggest you see your doctor to make sure it isn’t something serious. However, it is often that doctors can’t find the reason that many people have continued stomach problems. So you have to resolve the problem yourself. That was my case, and the good news is that I resolved my continuing stomach problems.

Here are some natural ways to cure your stomach pain:

  • Try a teaspoon of peppermint oil.
  • Try a teaspoon of fennel oil.
  • Try peppermint tea.
  • Try fennel tea.
  • Try chamomile tea.

These oils and teas should be very affective. However, the surest way to get rid of those stomach aches for good is to get to the root of the problem by correcting and healing your whole digestive system, as I did.