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Prevention: Thoughts

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Some people have used methods for focusing the mind, however, these methods have bad consequences. Why? Due to this you stop your thoughts, but without knowing how to perceive this energy and how to resend it to the body, blockage occurs in you. You concentrate, block your feelings, stop that accumulated energy and become eccentric. Nature does not like you stopping it. That is why, if you feel a burst of energy, go out in the open air, and play and jump there.

When thoughts are highly concentrated, you will not catch a cold. Never allow in yourself the thought that you may catch a cold. If you allow that thought, you have already invited the disease Viagra Tablets for sale as a guest.

In order not to catch a chill, one must fence himself. This is achieved in two ways: by concentrating of the mind and through a prayer.

There is not a better fence than the mind.

If you think ill of a good man, there is big danger for you. Never think ill of good people. Bulgarians, due to their ill thoughts of Bogomils, were under slavery for 500 years. And the Jews, due to their bad thoughts of Christ, cannot find peace for two thousand years. Once you start thinking something bad of a good person, change your thought immediately.

Bad people are those, whom God have sent to take the dirt and throw it out. You should respect them, because with the help of their cars, they carry your waste and throw it out. You say that this guy is stinking. His position is such. Always think of those, who bear goodness in themselves. You shall be also grateful for bad people, who take out impurities. You shall thank for all that happens around you.

The new man will talk to atoms and molecules of his body as if they are friends. In the morning, when he gets up, he will ask them how they feel, and if they have an excess of energy in their empty spaces in order to take measures for opening of all paths for this energy to come out. He will make something good and he will liberate them from the excessive load in order to avoid explosion.

If you do not allow any negative thought in your mind for three months, you can rejuvenate. When new energy is introduced into the body, it renovates. The renovation is not mechanical. It is related to the spiritual nature of people.

When human sensitivity increases, the heart line prolongs. An excess of energy accumulates in you, which gathers in the back part of your brain and creates great anxieties and disturbances. To cope with this energy, you should think, and direct it to the front of the brain. If the line of the mind prolongs at the expense of the one of the heart, sensitivity decreases and one gradually loses his warmth and humidity, hardens and gets atherosclerosis. For this reason young people suffer with great sensitivity, which leads them directly to softening in feelings, and old people suffer with dryness, hardening and atherosclerosis. Between feelings and thoughts, between mind and heart, there shall be balance.

If the line of the mind is shorter than the line of heart, you shall attempt, through your mind, to prolong it with at least one millimeter. For that goal, you shall deal with mathematics, physics, metaphysics, philosophy to establish a balance between the powers of the mind and the powers of the heart.

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