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Canadian Pharmacy News: Treatment by the Sun

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The best months for renovation are from 22nd March, throughout the entire April and May till 22nd June. Any growing stops on the latter date. Treatment by the Sun

There are days in the month of September, which with reference to the vital energy, are equal to the days in May. Use the sunbeams during these days. Then light beings present around you.

Many illnesses are treated by the solar energy. Moreover, it is proven that for every disease there is a certain time when it is treated. Some diseases are treated in May with generic viagra online canada, others – in June, July, generally, during the whole year.

The sunbeams in the morning from S to 9 a.m. are the most healing ones. At noon the beams are too strong and do not have a good effect on the human organism. Early sunbeams influence well anemic people.

When one wants to use properly the sunbeams, he shall expose his back under a certain angle. If this angle changes, he will not benefit of the rational sunbeams. Speaking of the Sun, we do not have in mind only the physical sun, but also the spiritual sun as a manifestation of intelligent, rational powers, as a manifestation of beings – bearers of love and wisdom.

In future, when people understand that, they will be treated only by sunbeams. They will know which beams against what kind of diseases and weaknesses can be used.

Under the influence of the Sun cosmic consciousness in man awakens.

The energies that come out from the Sun hide in themselves a reserve of vital powers, of healing energies. If one wants to use wisely the energies of the Sun, he has to expose his back to the early sunbeams, before the rising of the Sun. Energies that he will take in at the time, are equal to the energies that he would take in, if he exposes during the whole day to the Sun. Even on a cloudy day, you can go out before the rising of the Sun and concentrate your mind in the direction of the rising Sun. Clouds only prevent you from seeing the Sun, but its vital energies pass through them. No external force is capable of counteracting the energies of the Sun.

If you have an eczema, if your hair falls, if you have rheumatism in the joints or any swelling in the abdomen, if you are rich, built a terrace exposed to the Sun and surrounded by windows, take off your shirt to the waist, lie down with your head to the north and feet to the south, expose your chest to the Sun, keeping your head away and remain in that position for half an hour. Then the back -half an hour, then again the chest – half an hour and continue in this way until you get well sweat. If you make 20-30-40 bathes, everything will disappear. You can expose to the Sun your entire body. You shall sunbathe in the morning from 8 to 10 a.m. If these bathes have an effect on the spine, brain, lungs, you will feel the effect on the whole body. The brain is like a battery. When that battery begins to take in, if the filling up with solar energy happens properly, after that it sends it to all parts of the body and that energy begins to heal.

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