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What Are the Causes Behind Anxiety?

October 8th, 2014

When dealing with anxiety, it’s important to understand the reasons behind it.

Anxiety is an important topic in today’s world. With the stresses and high-paced life that more and more people are experiencing, the number of people struggling with anxiety is growing.

Studies have shown that the main causes of anxiety are psychological, genetic and environmental factors. There is still a lot to be discovered about anxiety and related disorders though.

Those prone to negative thinking often fall victim to anxiety and develop anxiety disorders. Negative thinking is not something that happens by chance or genetics; it is often self-inflicted. When people have hard times at work or with relationships, they tend to develop negative thinking tendency. It often includes thinking that they are not worth something or someone. Sometimes it comes from horrible bosses who treat them in a bad manner for failing to accomplish something. Other times it comes from being rejected by dates, or being in an unhealthy relationship. So the next time a similar situation comes up, only negative thoughts appear. The problem is not incredibly hard to overcome, but the positive stimulus is often absent around those who are thinking negatively.

stop anxietyPsychiatrists are divided on the genetic factors of anxiety disorders. There are studies that show the connection but not all psychiatrists are convinced by these studies. However, in most cases, children with anxiety disorders are from parents who suffered from similar conditions. So it is not confirmed that the studies are completely false either.

While there is the chance that parents do not pass anxiety on to their children through their genetics, the environment surely does. The environment that children have during their development has a deep impact on their future behaviors. If the environment is full of people and situations relating to anxiety, it becomes quite obvious that children in this environment will be prone to anxiety disorders too. An encouraging environment helps children have a developmentally healthy childhood. On the other hand, in an environment that teaches them to suppress their emotions and cultivate fear, children grow up with anxiety. They don’t get appreciated for anything. It makes them think that they are not able to do anything good in life. The lack of self esteem that stems from this environment never leaves them until they get help.

Since mind and body are closely bound with each other, some medical conditions may cause anxiety. It is already proven that some factors make a certain group of people more vulnerable while other factors have little effect on them. If one of those factors combines with a medical condition like hypoglycemia or hyperventilation, it can cause anxiety.

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