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Moneysaving Shopping with Canadian Health Care Mall: I Discovered and Keep Enjoying It

May 27th, 2015 No comments

This is something that I love most. I need some medicines, pills or whatever of that kind. I hate it going to pharmacies and standing in lines. I prefer those being delivered right to my doorstep. This is why I love online pharmacy and Canadian Pharmacy in particular.

All you have to do is get determined about the kind of medicines needed. Well, even if you fail to know which ones you actually need, because you forgot their names, you still have a chance to pick out those from the lists provided on the pages of the Canadian Pharmacy official site. They can boast of a huge range of medicines available, so you will easily find the ones recommended and prescribed by your doctor.

Need Medicines of Intimate Nature? Stop Being Embarrassed

Sometimes people tend to have health disorders which are not so convenient to discuss and go to see their doctor makes them really embarrassed. The good news for those is that such online pharmacies as this one can give a hand in such a situation. You know, it is not enough to offer drugs for men’s health improvement – local pharmacies do that perfectly. The most important thing is to do it delicately and absolutely anonymously. The convenience of the opportunity to read the entire information about this or that drug cannot be overestimated. Detailed instructions are kindly offered on the corresponding pages of the website. I found out about Viagra varieties, their effectiveness and probable side effects. Here I should mention that in Viagra pills offered by Canadian Pharmacy online there are no side effects or they are quite rare.

Spotless anonymity is what they guarantee and really provide. I looked in the courier’s eyes and he never showed that he knew what was inside the box. I love this particular pharmacy as I feel very comfortable ordering medications here!

Unspeakable Convenience of Purchasing Drugs at Online Canadian Pharmacy

I can decide what drugs I need within max 15 minutes since I first thought of the necessity to buy those. A couple of clicks and that’s it! I am sure of buying a particular drug. The full information on the drug and patterns of taking those is here. Just looking through the most important points I click the Order button and go on with my routine work. Meanwhile my order is being processed and getting shipped. As simple as that.

Save Your Budget with Canadian Health&Care Mall

Today most people get convinced that online shopping is not only extremely fast and wide offering a much bigger variety of goods than traditional drugstores but also it often turns out more money saving. The thing is that you can compare the prices for certain goods (drugs in this case) within a few clicks only. You open up a few websites providing similar goods, medications and compare the prices for those that are identical. This is what I did before making my order with Canadian online pharmacy. And this is what made me prefer Canadian Health&Care Mall online to many others making a success online as well.

Treatment Through Gymnastic Exercises

December 10th, 2014 No comments

Left arm forward and slightly tilted, palm down. The right hand moves along the left arm. Start from the shoulder and go downward, while you are singing the exercise with the letter “Y” (the Bulgarian letter “Y” is pronounced [u] -transl. note). Then the hand goes down to the wrist, while you are singing the exercise with the letter “A” (the Bulgarian letter “A” is pronounced [a] – transl. note). Through Gymnastic Exercises

Finally the hand goes up from the wrist to the elbow, while you are singing the letter “H” (the Bulgarian letter “H” is pronounced [i] – transl. note). The distance from the shoulder to the elbow is the material world, the physical world of the stomach. The zone from the elbow to the wrist is the spiritual world – the heart, and the wrist is the mental world – the mind. Then put your right arm forward, and the left hand is to be moved along it.

Do this exercise for a week every morning and evening for ten times. This will improve the state of the stomach, the chest and the brain. You will treat yourself. One, who wants to be healthy, shall sing. If one is sad or does not feel well, he shall sing, too. Sing and praise God in your soul.

Right leg forward, easily bend the body to the earth, while imaging that you are lifting an enormous load. Do this exercise, gradually increasing the load until you reach 50 kg. By doing the exercise regularly, you will notice that your muscle strength has increased.

If you are able to lift 50 kg mentally and you will be also able to really lift it. Do this exercise when you do not feel well to see what powers you have.

In order your eyes not to weaken, you shall practice. There are exercises, which stir all eye muscles. If not exercised, eyes gradually weaken and lose their ability to see. When you go on an excursion, you want to reach the peak as soon as possible. This is not right. Go slowly and look up, left, right. Once the sun is up, stop for a while, to see how it rises and continue your way. If you are in a hurry, you will soon get old.

One of the reasons for weakening of the eyes is that they do not move. You move your neck when you want to see something and do not move your eyes. I would recommend an exercise that you can do in the morning and whenever you want during the day. Close your eyes and move them, look, as much as it is possible, up, then, as much as it is possible, down, as much as it is possible to the right, and as much as it is possible to the left.

Repeat this several times very slowly. Then, during the day, when you want to see something, do not twist your neck. The neck shall be still, and the eyes are to be moved -this will become the natural way of looking at things for you. This is the physical side. Inside is the following: if you make a mistake and do not fix it, then if you make a second mistake and do not fix it, third one, fourth one, you get used to that and your sight weakens. Another thing: You love someone and excuse his mistakes or you see them as too small ones. You do not love him, do not excuse his mistakes and you see them as too big. Third: eyes weaken as a result of worries, concerns, internal disharmonious states, or of dust.

Cold feet are the first condition of neurasthenia. It is good for neurotics and those, who often lose their temper, to remove their shoes from time to time and walk barefoot on sand or soft grass. In this way feet are in direct contact with the vital powers of the earth and tone. In the morning exercises, while lifting your arms up, you take in the solar energy and through legs – the earth energy. Hence, in the morning, you shall take in solar energies, and in the evening you shall do exercises to get rid of the energy, collected during the day. In the morning you will take in from the Sun, and in the evening you will give the excessive energy to the Earth.

Metabolism and Canadian Health Care Mall

November 20th, 2014 No comments


The thyroid regulates metabolism, growth and body temperature. The gallbladder stores bile and releases it to help with the emulsification of fat, assimilation of fat-soluble nutrients, normalcy of bowel movements and prevention of bacterial infections. The tonsils support the fighting of infections, drainage of toxins and transport of white blood cells between lymph nodes and bone marrow. Unfortunately, most allopathic medical doctors lack the information and nutritional tools to help a person’s body regenerate organs and restore their normal and healthy functions. Gallbladder, spleen, thyroid, uterus, ovary and prostate removals are not necessary when proper nutrition is implemented and no evidence of physical trauma is present.  metabolism

Organ removals lead to worsened states of malnutrition. The removal of a gallbladder with no transplantation of a replacement causes patients to insufficiently emulsify fats and poorly assimilate fat-soluble nutrients like Vitamins A, D, E, K and F. After a gallbladder is removed, what will prevent the rest of the body from deteriorating from systemic fat-soluble nutrient deficiencies? Patients must ask their medical doctors about this prior to gallbladder removal.

Before you decide to have an organ removed, research the potential long-term symptoms. If you are already missing an organ, your holistic health care practitioner will be able to provide you with the proper whole food concentrates to fill the anatomical and physiological gaps your surgeon created. My heart was ripped apart, but it eventually healed. In time, it even became strong again and my willingness to interact with the members of the opposite sex was fully restored. As Tennyson wrote, “It is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.’’ Emotionally, I experienced the blissful transcendence of love, survived the emotional pain of its loss and recovered with a humbled heart.

Physically, each one of our organs has the ability to heal, regenerate and become strong again. However, this only remains true if they are allowed to remain within our bodies. In order to keep our organs healthy enough so they never require removal, we must feed them early and feed them well. A holistic health care practitioner who implements whole food nutrition can support us to do so. It is my dream — a possible one — that we become collectively healthy so that we can sing Paul Young’s song, with slightly modified lyrics for our allopathic medical doctors:

“Every time you go away, please DON’T take a piece of me with you…”

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